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Why You Should Always Use Lube

Why you should always use lube

Lube is love.

Find out why you should always use Lube in the bedroom (or wherever!!) ❤️

Why does lube always get such a bad press?  It ranges from something teenage boys mess about with and treat almost as a joke to an unmentionable used by middle-aged and menopausal women who have lost their own natural lubrication, tinged with a pitying sense of inadequacy and an aura of failure.

So, why use lube?  We will go on and explore this most delicious of topics shortly but first of all, a quick lesson in what is lube.

Lube sounds like something you would find at your local garage when you have your car serviced.  It doesn’t’ sound very nice and kinda has unpleasant connotations.  Step aside and sample some of the super lubes available for the bedroom.  Thick, glutinous oil slicks they are not!  Lube is the oil for the wheels of love.

Why should you use lube?

  • Lube adds moisture, it is all about the sensations, smooth and gliding, it is there to enhance pleasure and make everything feel even more natural
  • Lube can make sex safer. It reduces the risks of tiny tears or abrasions which as well as being painful, can harbour infections putting your health at risk
  • Lube is essential for anal sex or anal play with toys as there just isn’t enough naturally provided. Without it, anal sex can be uncomfortable and possibly even damaging
  • Natural lubrication in the vagina will vary depending on the hormone levels and we are not just talking menopause or non-menopause; this is an issue for women of all ages depending on where they are in the menstrual cycle. Pregnancy can also affect natural lubrication plus stress or anxiety, some medicines, unhelpfully one of which is contraception, and breastfeeding
  • Even with arousal, some people just produce less moisture than others and need a helping hand
  • Condoms normally have lube so why add more? Sometimes, they don’t have very much and if you are on for a marathon session, it can just seem to vaporise.  Add some more
  • For the avoidance of doubt, lube does not contain spermicide and is not contraception so it cannot prevent unwanted pregnancies or STDs

What are the best lubes?

  • Always try to go for a water-based lube, this is because an oil or silicone lube shouldn’t be used with either a condom or a silicone sex toy as the two substances react to one another. Silicone lube or other natural oils like essential oils or Vaseline will react with a condom and make it porous and more likely to split.  Silicone lube also alters the pH levels in intimate areas and makes it more likely that you fall victim to a yeast infection or Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  • Find one you like that is available in a pump dispenser form – it’s just easier that way
  • Avoid artificial flavours and cheap products if you are looking for lube for oral sex. These are usually disgusting and loaded with sugar and have a horrible fake and chemically taste
  • For anal play and anal sex, pick a lube specifically manufactured for the task at hand, these tend to last longer and offer more protection and for this reason, they are often silicone-based
  • Make sure your lube is compatible with your sex toy, silicone toy = water-based lube, glass or metal toy = silicone or water-based lube
  • If you are prone to yeast infections then steer clear of lubes which contain glycerine as there is some evidence to suggest that this increases the likelihood of infection in susceptible women
  • If you are prone to allergic reactions then go scent-free or hypoallergenic

Here are three top of the pops lube choices

  • Überlube – a luscious silicone gel with just a hint of Vitamin E, this is gluten, glycerine and paraben-free, it’s just pure silicone with a fabulous cushioning effect
  • Gun Oil Silicone with its bullet-shaped packaging and name, this is definitely one aimed at the guys. Pure silicone, Vitamin E and also some aloe which helps to reduce friction whilst the Vitamin E is restorative for any slightly sore areas.  Users report it is long-lasting so great for anal play and sex
  • Sliquid Naturals Silver – is incredibly slippery and has good reviews for longevity so great for playtime without the irritation of having to stop and add more every five minutes

How to apply lube

Squeeze onto your fingertips and then apply onto the desired part of the body or condom or sex toy.  Don’t dispense directly onto the body part.  There is no golden rule about how much or little lube you should use; it’s whatever the situation demands and whatever you and your partner prefer. Start with a little, you can always add more.

Go Green

We are not talking about envy here but environmentally friendly products.  Considering where lube ends up, it seems only right that if we are worried about chemicals in our shampoos and skin products then how much more should we studying the label on the lube dispenser.

Many standard lubes contain parabens (boo, hiss) and just about every product on the pharmacy or makeup aisle shelves which is trying to gain popularity is ditching parabens at an alarming rate.  Parabens are linked to hormone disruption.  The data about health risks is unclear but why take the risk if you don’t need to?

If you have a bad reaction to lube or have sensitive skin then green could be a good way to go.  Here are three of the best:-

  • Good Clean Love Almost Naked Lubricantabsent petrochemicals and parabens
  • Sliquid Organic Lubricating Gel – the clue is in the title and what a great slogan they use, “for sensitive women, by sensible women”. Sliquid Organic gel is water-based, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free
  • Aloe Cadabra Natural Aloe Lubricant – made with just Aloe Vera and love, this is 100% vegan

Whatever you thought or think about lube, it is definitely a subject worth revisiting.  Don’t be put off by gunky garish products with highly scented artificial fragrances, lube has come a long way since then.  Have a look online at some of the reviews and pick out one to try that takes your fancy.

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