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Why Ben Wa Balls are So Popular Right Now

Why are BEN WA balls so popular?

Ya gotta love kegel balls.

Let us explain… ❤️

Love balls are not perhaps what you might think they are.  Also known as jiggle balls, higgle balls, venus balls, orgasm balls, geisha balls, pleasure balls, vagina balls, love eggs, Ben wa balls and kegel balls – the last title is their proper name – these items of joy first came to real prominence when Christian Gray of ‘Fifty Shades’ fame whipped out a  pair.  There is a small moment in the film when Ana thought they were to go in her butt but she soon got the idea.  In they went and out they, Ana and Christian, went to the masquerade ball, job done.

So, what’s the point of kegel balls, supposedly their proper name (although we call them Ben Wa Balls here at Naughty Stash!), or whatever you want to call them?  Well, kegel balls are supposed to identify your pelvic floor muscles and give them a jolly good old work out.  But first, some history.

Kegel balls have been used for centuries to strengthen the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles.  They are small, weighted balls and in fact, come in different weights and sizes to suit different women but also to provide an element of progressive workout, a bit like you would do in the gym.  It’s like weightlifting but for your vagina!

Many women use them to strengthen their pelvic floor after the exertions of childbirth.  But as with anything you insert into that location, care is needed.  It is possible to cause discomfort, overexertion and soreness even tearing if the ball size is not correct.  So, in all seriousness, Ben Wa balls do come with some useful advice and guidance.  If you are a beginner or not sure, speak to your doctor or healthcare professional first.

Top Tips for using Ben Wa Balls

  • Use the correct size – don’t be overly ambitious, you can always work up
  • Use the correct weight, again the recommended advice is to be progressive and graduate the workouts
  • You shouldn’t use Kegel balls if you are pregnant or have just had a baby
  • Don’t use them if you have current pelvic floor pain or an infection
  • Avoid if you are in the recovery stages of any form of gynaecological surgery
  • Have an IUD fitted, just saying
  • Are currently using a tampon
  • Use a menstrual cup

How to use Ben Wa Balls for the beginner

Wash your hands first thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap.  Wash the Kegel balls with warm water and the anti-bac soap or you can use one of the proprietary products sold to clean sex toys.  Don’t just use any old soap and avoid scented or fragranced products as this can leave a residue on the kegel balls and possibly cause a yeast infection in the vagina.  Dry the balls thoroughly and then apply a generous amount of water-based lube.  It is important to use lube but not silicone lube as the balls are probably also made of silicone and the two will react, not in a nasty way but the silicone lube can begin to alter the structure of the surface of the balls.

Lie down and insert slowly allowing one ball in at a time, most Kegel balls come in twos.  The balls are usually connected by a small piece of string or plastic.  Follow the first ball with the string or plastic and then slowly and gently insert the second.  Push them in as far as is comfortable – it’s a bit like inserting a tampon, only nicer.  Most kegel balls come with a removal string or loop which should remain external to the body.  Make sure it doesn’t disappear.  Push the balls in as far as you are comfortable with without losing the removal cord.  Many people find that higher is better than lower.  The balls should feel secure inside you, if you feel the first ball is going to fall out or you can see it, then gently push the balls further in.

Kegel balls are a very unique and personal experience which differs slightly in each individual.  Users report a tingly sensation which usually increases if you walk or move around, like bending down or reaching up for something.  Purists and experienced Kegelers (is there even such a word?) opt for the ‘string free’ experience and use loose balls.  The same principle but obviously never push the balls out of reach or beyond the point of no return.  Sexual pleasure apart, kegel balls have been used for decades to strengthen the key pelvic floor muscles which provide a hammock of support for the bladder, womb and bowel and, the temporary weight of a baby.  They do this by targeting the correct muscle groups.

Many people worry about the balls just falling out but your body will retain the balls much as in the same way it holds onto a tampon or sanitary product.  To retrieve them at any time, just gently pull the external loop.  You should always remove them before you urinate.

Here are some recommended Ben Wa Balls

Je Joue does a lovely starter or beginner’s set, which comes in three weights and sizes so you can progress when you are ready.  They have the ‘must-have’ retrieval loop made in a body-safe material.  String is not a great idea as it is porous and can never really be cleaned and disinfected properly so it can act as a harbour for infection.  Most silicone made kegel balls have a silicone loop.  There are lots of good quality online reviews which can help you make a good and safe purchase.

Some women use kegel balls as a warm-up for sex, inserting them about an hour or so before intercourse.  They are also great fun to leave in situ during anal sex.  Most women love the opportunity to tone up their pelvic floor in such a fun and stimulating way.  Strong pelvic floor muscles help to prevent issues like stress incontinence and can make sex far more enjoyable.  Pelvic floor exercises are all well and good but it is far easier to work those muscles out if you actually have something to hold onto.  And, it’s so much more fun as well!

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