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What is the best way to buy a sex toy??

The internet has revolutionised how the paying public can buy their sex toys but the problem with online shopping is that there is an almost bewildering array of choice.

It can be hard to understand the reality of what lies behind the glossy images on your Smartphone or tablet if you are a bit of a beginner. So, if you are a sex toy newbie, what is the best way to make that initial purchase. Here is some sound advice but there is plenty more online.

Most women (and men) have the same questions when they encounter the sex toy industry. These might include, “will it fit?” “Are fourteen settings really necessary?” And, “where does that go?” is a very popular query. The only way to really know if that toy is for you is to try it out. You can ask questions before you buy which might narrow down your choice but there really is no substitute for experience.Adam & Eve franchise. Are sex stores bucking the trend and deliberately targeting the high street when everyone else is deserting it in droves and heading online?

Do you want one orgasm or are you after something that is much longer-lasting?

this can dictate which style you choose. Generally, dildos don’t vibrate so it usually boils down to a decision between a dildo and a vibrator. If you opt for a dildo, are you fussy about what it looks like? Will something bright yellow and banana coloured just make you laugh (that might be a good thing) or do you want a lifelike representation complete with balls and veins?

Vibrators come in an endless array of designs

there are G-spot vibrators which are curved to stimulate the G-spot (the clue is in the name) and then there are bullet vibrators which are compact and used for either stimulating the clitoris or the nipples. These are a great entry point (oh dear) for a beginner. Then, of course, there are rabbits which refer to the style of the toy; the shape with the ears gives the toy its name and they can stimulate the vagina and the clitoris simultaneously – one for the Christmas list!


If vibrations are a new thing to you then your first toy doesn’t have to have enough settings to impress Nasa. A basic toy with around three settings is great, to begin with. Power is something to consider and toys really do vary in their output. If you want to go on and on then perhaps look for toys which are described as super-powered and remember that mains operated will be endless whereas batteries most definitely are not.
Noise is a big issue and not something which new buyers always realise when they are purchasing. If you share a home with others or you are intent on using your new vibrator to alleviate boredom on a long haul flight or in the restroom at work then you will need something quiet. There is no such thing as a silent vibrator. The only silent vibrator is actually a dildo! If water antics are where you are headed then check the labelling to make sure your purchase is actually waterproof for play in the bath or shower.

Does size matter?

Well yes, it can do. There is no point being uncomfortable to the point of pain so always err on the side of caution when looking at sizes. Most toys designed for internal use are supposed to be based on the average male statistics however you may beg to differ. Remember, small toys are easy to hide away in pockets and handbags – a 12-inch dildo is a bit less discrete.


Try and avoid cheap toys as these may be poorly made and you could end up with a design which you might discover was never going to work for the purpose for which it was supposedly intended. There is also the concern that cheap products could be made of materials which are not body-safe so try and look beyond the glitzy pictures and buy from a reputable site with creditable and authentic reviews even if you do end up paying a bit more. But you don’t want to push the boat out until you find a toy and a design that works for you so more budget-priced toys are fine whilst you are experimenting.

Always remember that lubricant is essential really to give things a little slide for much more satisfactory performance and results. Silicone lubes are longer lasting and water-resistant but they shouldn’t be used with silicone toys – sounds a bit counter-intuitive but it’s true, the lube can damage the surface of the toy. So you should always be certain about what your toy is made from and if it is silicone then use a water-based lube instead The latter is actually much easy to rinse off afterwards as well

You will need to keep your toy collection cleaning as bacteria can build up – another reason not to use cheap toys as they are often made of porous materials which are almost impossible to clean. You can use a mild soapy water solution, an antibacterial soap or buy a branded sex toy cleaner which you could add to your basket online

There are some smaller start-up companies selling toys who offer a party facility where you can get together with a group of friends and one of their employees will come out with a selection of toys for you to view. That can be one option but for some people, they like to browse online and then go into a store to look more closely so these shoppers tend to only use websites which have an actual physical presence. For other people that is the horror of all horrors – they want to hum and hah in the privacy of their own laptop and if they do have any questions, they will scout around endlessly on the internet looking for authentic reviews. Like any form of shopping, it is all just a matter of preference.

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