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What is Anal Training?

What is anal training?

know your anal training

Wanna know more about the ins and outs of Anal Training? Look no further!

If you have ever enjoyed a bit of anal finger play or wondered about anal sex and what it’s like then you need to take a little course first off in anal training so that you can prepare yourself and your butt.

What is anal training?

Let’s face it, your butt was never designed to take things in – beads, butt plugs, dildos, penises – it’s actually supposed to push stuff out.  Also, critically, there is no natural lube and so it really will pay off if you take a bit of time to understand and practice anal training before you try a sex toy or anal sex.  If you don’t’, likely you will have a bad experience which could hurt and really put you off, you may even cause some actual damage.

What is the trick with backdoor sex?

Anal training is designed to prepare your body for what is to come, to make anal sex and anal play more enjoyable and rewarding and to keep you safe.  Here is what anal training can involve:-

  • Starting with fingers and maybe moving onto small toys, the idea is to let your body get used to the feeling of something in there.  The body’s natural inclination is to push out something in the back passage so initially, it can be a strange feeling of fullness.  You may already be experimenting with anal play with your partner
  • If you are unsure about anal play then try it on your own first, that way you can really control the boundaries and what feels comfortable.  Find out what you like and don’t like in the peace and security of your own space, work out which positions you like without any pressure
  • If you are practising anal play with a partner, communicate clearly and be really obvious about what you like and don’t like – silence is not communication of pain or pleasure
  • It helps if you have had a bowel movement prior but despite the feeling, the actual likelihood of any mess is pretty minimal. Stools don’t appear ready for despatch until just before you want to get rid of them so there isn’t likely to be anything hanging around to get in the way
  • The best anal training is something that forms part of a routine whether you are solo or with a partner, this lets the body become accustomed to the idea of something being present in the rectum and the muscles will start to adapt.  This is how you can work up to accommodating something bigger like a real penis or a dildo
  • Always start with a finger first before you consider a toy or anal beads and don’t forget the lube
  • An orgasm first will really help you relax and make sure your body is receptive
  • Slow is the way to go – violent thrusting is not pleasurable and the strong rectal muscles will push back against this making it pointless and painful
  • There is no golden rule as to how far is good, what felt great yesterday may not feel good today, just go with what you like, it’s not a competition to find the furthest point or the largest sex toy.  Let pain and discomfort be your ultimate guide, it just means you are not ready yet or not ready today

Buy an anal training kit

This will have all you need to get started with a variety of toys of different sizes and shapes.  Don’t feel pressurised to work up to the biggest size, this may never suit you.  Size does matter and size is not everything.  Some people find anal beads far more of a turn-on than a giant butt plug or dildo.

All the toys in the kit will have a flared base so they absolutely cannot disappear.  Choose a toy with a wide base as this is easier to control and manipulate.  Also, pick a toy from the set that is narrower rather than bulbous as a starter.

Why is lube so important?

Lube is crucial to the enjoyment of anal training and anal sex and, in fact, is essential as there is no natural lubrication present.  If you don’t use lube, you could really hurt yourself and a bad experience is not something you will want to repeat.

A quick lesson on lube.  Some of the best anal training toys are silicone as it is body-safe and flexible but you can’t use silicone lube with a silicone toy, you will have to use a water-based product instead.  Silicone lube will start to debride and degrade the silicone toy.

Understand the health risks

Part of anal training is understanding how to keep yourself free from invasive damage or from infections.  This is not a clean area!  So here’s how to stay safe.

  • Think about what you are touching when you have touched your butt, you need to keep everything as hygienically clean as possible without spoiling all the fun
  • Before anal play or sex, have a warm bath, this helps relax your muscles and really cleanses the area around the back passage.  If you can have a bowel movement first then this is all the better.  A bath cleans better than a shower
  • Always have baby wipes to hand, these should not be alcohol-based as they can sting if you have tiny cuts or abrasions and they should also be fragrance-free
  • Use lube from a handy dispenser rather than a tube

Anal training can be something you do alone, perhaps best to start with to work out your own parameters but it can also be a tremendous sharing experience with your partner.  Anal play and anal sex is always consensual and doesn’t have to feature on the menu every time you get naked but if you want it to be pleasurable and successful then it does take some practice and remember, training can be fun too!

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