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What are the best lubes to use with sex toys?

So, you have made it through the hundreds of sex toys in your chosen online store and finally chosen the item that you think is going to set your sex life on fire. Everywhere you look people are talking about the importance of lube so which one should you buy to compliment your new toy?

Water-based lubes are great universal all-rounder lubes – they work with latex condoms and pretty much any sex toy material – silicone, glass and metal. They usually have a thicker consistency than most lubes which can make them feel nice and they are ideal if you are playing with sex toys. And, they don’t stain the sheets – bonus!

Avoid the cheap brands for vaginal sex as they can contain nasty ingredients like parabens and glycerine. Many makers of hair shampoo now advertise their products as free of parabens and consumers are getting wise to this. But if you are buying water-based lube then buy loads as they don’t last long and so if you intend on playing for a long time, then make sure you have a plentiful supply. Also, most water-based lubes are not hypoallergenic so always patch test on your skin before using it liberally in an intimate area in case it causes a reaction.

As a vaginal lube, why not try Sliquid’s H20, 100% vegan, gluten-free, hypoallergenic with a unique pH balanced formula? Sliquid’s H20 is one of the longer-lasting lubes on the market and has a unique formula to protect against friction even though it doesn’t feel that thick and, it blends seamlessly with your own personal lubrication; one of the major criticisms of many lubricants is that they don’t mix giving a kinda two-tone effect. If a thick lube is non-negotiable then they have another option called ‘Sassy’. They also make pure organic lubes and flavoured lubes, something for everyone.

For anal, why not try ‘Maximus’ lube, the thickest water-based lube around? It’s great at just smoothing out the friction so perfectly suited for anal play with your sex toy and full-on anal sex. Maximus stays super slick for a super long period of time so don’t write it off because it is a water-based lube; it is definitely not watery!

Silicone is considered by many people to be the ultimate lube option but it is not compatible with silicone toys so this can be a dilemma.

However, what’s great about silicone lube is that you don’t need a lot of it and it lasts for hours so no need to keep stopping the action to reach for some more. So, the drawbacks apart from the fact that you can’t use silicone lube with silicone sex toys? It does stain the sheets but good old-fashioned detergent can usually put that right. Did you know that because it is oil-based, you can also use silicone lube as a massage oil? It will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Silicone lube is usually odourless too unless you are deliberately choosing a scented or flavoured brand.

For vaginal play with your non-silicone sex toys, try Sliquid’s Silver, the luxury end of silicone lubes without the high-end price tag.?. For anal play and sex, indulge yourself with ‘Analyse me’ by Pjur – this is an occasion when you need the best silicone lube and a real top-notch product. Pjur has blended pure silicone with jojoba oil which helps to relax the butt muscles making any penetration as smooth and pain-free as possible. The dual action of this product is what makes it the number one choice for so many asses.

This is for a condom-free zone so really lubes for long-term partners who are disease-free. This is because oil-based lubes cannot be used with condoms. Otherwise, they are very similar to silicone lubes but some users report that they feel even more natural. They retain heat and feel really organic. And the good news is, that they can be used with silicone toys so a great choice for solo play too. The only real drawback is that you cannot use oil-based lubes with condoms.
For vaginal intercourse and sex toy play, try coconut oil. It smells and tastes great, naturally sweet and complementary to the natural lubrication already present.

Coconut oil is also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and so will help guard against yeast infections and other nasties. You can use coconut oil in a semi-solid waxy form which can make it easier to use and it melts at body temperature so saves you getting in a mess starting with just pure liquid oil. If you do want to use it in oil form then it is best to put in a handy pump dispenser so it is easy to access. Make sure you use extra virgin coconut oil (even if you aren’t) as the purest form. Coconut oil also doubles up for some great sexy massage as well.

The best anal product around has to be ‘Boy Butter’, a great simple name for a simply great lube. Boy Butter is coconut oil-based but its formulation makes it much thicker which is pretty essential for anal sex toy play and full penetration. Unlike pure coconut oil, Boy Butter is not so sensitive or dependent on room temperature so it won’t either harden or melt – it is just perfect time after time. Think of it like a margarine, just don’t spread it on your bread! Boy Butter is really designed for anal play and sex not oral – it doesn’t have a great taste. But, you will just love the tub.

Sex toys depend on lube for a great result and if you use them without lube, you run the risk of a painful encounter that will probably put you and your partner off using sex toys again. Using lube isn’t some kinda failure, it will make your whole sex toy experience super enjoyable so when you click ‘add to basket’ with your sex toy purchase, don’t forget to go shopping for the lube.


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