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What are Teledildonics?

What are teledildonics?

I mean, really?

Dont worry, we have the answers ❤️

It’s no secret that sex toys are flying off the shelves currently due to the Coronavirus lockdown and condoms too although that may change when the supply slows down.  The world’s two largest condom manufacturers, China and India, have both experienced severe interruptions in production due to Covid-19 which will become apparent in the weeks ahead when the shelves are bare.

Sex toys have been gaining in popularity for some time.  Even conventional high street retailers who would never previously have been thought of a sex toy stockist are offering adult toys to cater for demand, something that would have been unthinkable even just a few years ago.  Lockdown has taken this to a whole new level so where do Teledildonics fit into this picture?

Electronic wizardry dominates every area of our life now and we’re not just talking phones, tablets and laptops.  Your car, washing machine and home heating are all controlled via apps and clever software so why not sex toys?  Teledildonics is the industry name for sex toy technology and this has been chugging along nicely, perfect for a long-distance relationship or when a couple is separated for any reason.  Herald the arrival of Coronavirus and suddenly, everyone wants a remote-controlled sex toy so they can stay connected to their partner during lockdown and quarantine.

Remote control sex toys can keep you connected if you and your partner have been forced apart by lockdown or are in isolation due to you or a member of your household having symptoms of Covid-19.  If your partner can control a toy and therefore your pleasure from afar, it’s a pretty intimate thing to be able to do.  It keeps you both connected and maintains the link through these difficult and unprecedented times for people who are not used to relationship separation.  If you haven’t considered remote control sex toys or even heard of teledildonics, then here are some of the best on the market to whet your appetite.

  • We-Vibe Synch- perhaps the first to explode onto the remote control sex toy scene, this is a vibrator that can be controlled by your phone or your partner’s phone no matter where they are in the world – handy in these current times. Something of a relationship lifesaver. Check out the We Vibe Sync in our store
  • Viebease – this product started life as a discrete vibrator, small but powerful, which could be worn in your underwear and synched to hot chat through your Smartphone using a menu of audiobooks. But Vibease has now expanded this offering to include linking with your partner via their phone and also increase the range and shape of the vibrators on offer.  So this one is good to go solo or duo
  • Elvie Trainer – not a toy as such but it made it onto the list because this little device will really enhance the strength of your pelvic floor as well as your sex life. Remember, good orgasms come from great muscular strength.  This is a Kegel exercise trainer which basically is a device you insert into the vagina to encourage your pelvic floor muscles to work.  It has many many other names but the concept is not new, it has been around for a very long time.  The Elvie Trainer can track your progress with its app and keep score so you can see how well you are doing
  • Crescendo – one of the top tech leaders in this field because the app is incredibly detailed and multi-functional and really harnesses the power of technology to bring an incredible range of options to the end-user. The other plus point is the actual toy itself which brings a whole new definition to the meaning of flexibility so you can use it for intimate stimulation or as a sensuous back massager.  Tech and toy combined mean you really won’t run out of ideas with Crescendo
  • We-Vibe Verge – simple idea, a remote-controlled cock ring, a variation on a theme, why should fun be all one-sided? (view We-Vibe Verge in our store)
  • OhMiBod Freestyle W – pick music mode and the rabbit vibrator can synch to the music on your phone or use the OhMiBod app for some handy musical suggestions. This is a’ must-have’ for music and sex lovers but if you have never tried making out to sounds then this is definitely one to try
  • Lovense Lush – this is an egg style vibrator with the power of Bluetooth technology, popular already amongst bored partygoers but now ideal for ‘across the globe’ or even ‘across the country’ action. The egg lasts for two hours when fully charged and has a virtually limitless set of patterns so you never know what’ coming next, literally

Why shouldn’t technology be harnessed to sex toys?  It was the next logical development in the global village and the virtual and digital world.  Thank goodness some sex toy manufacturers were ahead of the curve as everyone is now in a state of self-imposed isolation.

If you are a bit of a technophobe then don’t have any fears, the apps are easy to install and use.  The products selected for this list have all been tried out and tested for their usability and happiness score.  There are loads of reviews of these toys now jostling for space online as manufacturers and the general public realise they are, without doubt, the way forward during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Remote control sex toy manufacturers or to coin the proper phrase, Teledildonics, are part of a much bigger picture which has seen the popularity of sex toys exploding well before Covid-19 came along.  No longer seen as seedy and occupying the back page adverts of down order porn magazines, sex toys have become an accepted mainstream 21st-century accessory, popularised and legitimised by cult shows like Sex in the City.  The freedom and empowerment of women have also played its part in this.  No-one could have anticipated this state of lockdown even a couple of months ago – the fusion of toy and tech has come along at just the right moment.

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