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Weird Sex Toys We Found

Weird sex toys we found

weird is beautiful

Here are some of our favorite ‘weird’ sex toys on the market ❤️

Sex toys are big business, there always was a market but the arrival of the internet sent the sex toy industry into the stratosphere.  The opportunity to buy online in the privacy of the customer’s home with anonymity and discretion has taken the sex toy playground to the world. 

There is huge competition and a massive amount of products available, the favourites never lose their sparkle but in order to get ahead of the curve, there is always the driver to develop something that bit more exciting, just a little more erotic and out of the ordinary.  We have taken a look at some of the more interesting and original offerings in the sex toy trade – forget dildos, vibrators and rabbits, feast your eyes on this little lot. 

Depending on your sexual preference, you may find some of these first ones just a little bit vanilla but read on as there are bound to be some on here which you haven’t seen before, what is one person’s dull is another’s amazing and unimaginable – each to their own.

Sex Double Penetrator Vibrator – a vibrator with two shafts, one for the vagina and one for the anus, on the same person that is unless you both indulge in the art of contortionism.  Ideal for the greedy lady who likes both areas to be pleasured at the same time and with a range of vibration settings from low to high, the sky really is the limit.  This vibrator is also waterproof so can travel with you into the shower for some soapy play

Womanizer 2 Go Massager – looks like a lipstick but you wouldn’t want to whip this out on the tube and get going with it.  Using puffs of air, the Womanizer 2 Go Massager uses small puffs of air to mimic the effect of someone sucking and blowing on the clitoris.  Brilliantly disguised, make sure one of your girlfriends doesn’t root through your bag to borrow some lippy or she may be in for quite a surprise

Lovely Cartoon Female Sex Toy G-spot Vibrator Massager – apart from being a bit of a mouthful of a name (pun definitely intended), this mini vibrator looks for all the world like a kids’ toy rather than a sex toy.  Pick your characters – chef, fireman, policewoman or clown – whatever tickles your fancy, whichever you choose, don’t leave it lying around for the kids to find or there could be some rather red faces

Seduce Me Twin Climaxer – maybe not one you would want to use as a gift as the rather menacing alligator jaw design could add more than a little frisson of fear to your bedroom antics.  Pinch the jaws together to insert and then release the grip once they are in place, the gentle teeth will drive you wild with desire in all the right places.  There are lots of other ways you can use the stimulus of the teeth, its just a question of deploying your imagination

Clandestine Mimic Massager – small is beautiful and this discrete and handy sized massager is designed to fit into the palm of your hand allowing secluded ecstasy with different settings from caress through to throb or quiver.  Perfectly formed, don’t leave this one at home, its one to take out on the move

Foxxxy Fox Tail Glass Anal Plug – this is very much in the dressing up vibe but will also appeal to those who like the feel of different textures against their skin – rubber, feathers and fur to name just a few.  Glass Anal plugs are really for connaisseurs of the anal play department, they feel weighty and serious and the glass can be altered to different temperatures to really enhance sensations.  Add to this a fluffy and tantalising 9-inch tail which has just endless potential to delight and this appeals on oh so many different levels

Fetish Fantasy Rockin’Chair – with the current interiors trend of the 1960s and 70s styling right in vogue, this chair would not look out of place in your living space or lounge.  Even the colour is right up there with the purples and oranges of the middle years of the last century.  But this rocking chair holds a secret and that is a vibrating seat which has a clitoral stimulator, just such a clever idea, it is far too nice to keep hidden away upstairs in the bedroom but just watch who sits on it, maybe not one for your old granny

5 Inch Glass Anal Juicer – this is an anal toy so-called because once it is inserted you can crank the handle and turn up the pressure to squeeze out the joy

Wanachi Mega Massager – this is surely a case of buying with your eyes or wishful thinking as this really is the most gigantic vibrator, it’s nearly 18 inches long for god’s sake.  Is this for the aspirational or just those who want to intimidate?  Beware the very powerful and good vibrations

The Claw – it looks like you could inflict some serious damage with the Claw but it is actually designed to make back massages a bit more spine-tingling and to create a sharper edge than mere fingers or fingernails alone can give.  Most sex toys are rounded and shaped so this stands out for being really quite different.  Scratching can be pleasurable and it can also border on the threshold of pain which is a territory many people really enjoy

Fetish Fantasy Portable Sex Machine – looking a little like something out of the 1960s film prop cupboard, this little monster can really pack a punch and keep going when others have lost their stamina.  It’s great for solo fun or for those who get their kicks out of sitting back and watching

There are bound to be some iconic toys that we have left off this list – see more here – and there are certainly plenty more weird ones if you really want to delve into the world of kinks and fantasies.  Just think, somewhere in a dim room, there are people actually designing these and making prototypes- it gives a whole new meaning to the concept of taking your work home with you!

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