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Wanna get paid to test sex toys? It might not be as easy as you think

If you are a sex toy aficionado then being paid to test new products might just sound like a dream come true. But, like all people who seem to have the best job in the world – taster in a chocolate factory, cuddler of puppies – the reality is not always quite so exciting.

If you live alone then having boxes of dildos and vibrators delivered might not matter but if you share your accommodation with friends, family or a partner then the conversation can turn a little tricky unless they are pretty broad-minded.
The reality is that sex toy reviewers often do lots of other things around the pleasure sessions which include running their own blog, fulfilling orders for a sales company or having to actually photograph the toys and post reviews. It’s not one long orgasm-fuelled fest lying in splendour in a beautiful room pleasing yourself, literally.

Seriously awful sex toys

The job of being a sex toy tester means you have to test whatever comes through the post whether you like it or not. Dildos that are so large they make your eyes water or badly-designed rabbits are all part of the job as are nicks and scratches from toys seemingly designed by someone with a sight problem or alternatively, utterly clueless about the real definition of pleasure. Then there is the risk of poorly constructed electric toys and the use of dodgy chemicals going near your bodily orifices – it’s not all fun you know.

The rub is (pun intended) that if you find a toy you actually like, then you simply can’t get carried away in carnal bliss. You are actually required to concentrate and write a review of the product that is not biased towards your own sexual preferences – a sort of warts and all account, not literally we hope

Figuring it out

Sometimes it can take time to actually figure out how the toy works and what you are supposed to do with it – they don’t come with an instruction booklet. This is more important than you might think. There is no point putting it somewhere the manufacturer never intended it to go, writing the sweetest review only to find that you have been playing with the wrong orifice.

Why are sex toy reviews so important?

In order to be competitive in such a busy marketplace, many manufacturers want to claim the title of inventing the toy that provides the ultimate orgasm. The only way to credibly prove this is to have genuine user reviews dotted about their website or appearing on someone’s blog.

Strong claims have to be substantiated somehow, after all, there is no industry standard or set of regulations or guidelines which these toys have to adhere to. The high-end toys are pretty pricey, commonly retailing at over $100 often nearer $200 so genuine positive feedback is one way that manufacturers can persuade customers to dip into their pockets for something more costly.

It’s all about me

The trick with reviewing sex toys is being able to look at the product from lots of different angles, literally. Whilst you might most definitely have your favourites, your hot pick might not float the boat for other people. To be a good sex toy reviewer, you have to consider the product from all types of standpoint not just your own personal preferences. Many women flirt with the idea of becoming a wedding organiser after they have run their own big day to perfection.

But the reality of life for a wedding organiser is that they have to fulfil the wishes and give life to the dreams of people who share completely different tastes and preferences to their own. It’s not about making everyone else’s wedding a carbon copy of your own. Some women who go into the wedding planning industry really don’t get this and after they have organised a few weddings which would make a dental appointment seem preferable, they then decide it may not quite be for them. The analogy is the same for sex toys.

The responsibility of usage

For some of the more extreme and weird sex toys, there can be a responsibility that goes with the usage. Recommending the world’s largest dildo made of glass could be quite hazardous if it is not warmed up first and used with plenty of lube. So reviewers do have to spell out the blindingly obvious and make people aware of the risks of misuse.

Honest, open and transparent

Some readers do tend to assume think that reviewers have been bought off with freebies and other incentives and so your review is not going to be unbiased. Good reviewers will have credibility with their audience, not afraid to bad mouth the big names if they think the latest design is no good; these are the kind of reviewers that manufacturers are always on the lookout for as they have a dedicated following and credibility within that.

How long does it take to review one sex toy?

A competent reviewer will take anywhere between 10 and 20 hours to really thoroughly review a toy. These are some of the things a sex toy reviewer might have to do:-

  • toys have to be examined, described for their shape, texture and material
  • the toy has to be compared to others of similar size and shape within the same price bracket so that might involve some online research – some sex toy reviewers do compare notes if they are looking for something they haven’t used before and want to compare and contrast
  • good quality images are essential to accompany each review
  • the post has to be drafted, edited and then sent to the manufacturer or loaded onto the reviewer’s own personal blog
  • there can be ongoing engagement on social media so sometimes the reviewer has to monitor comment and feedback on the post and provide some level of engagement with responders

There are reviewers and reviewers –

Mostly their success depends on their integrity and also their written ability. Competent reviewers are in demand from manufacturers because they can cultivate a serious purchasing public. Payment terms vary but most of the money is made via affiliate sales which are picked up by special coding in the text. Very occasionally, a sex toy company will actively recruit an employed person to test the products but this is rare. Do you have what it takes to be a successful sex toy reviewer?

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