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So you want to start a sex blog?

So, you love sex, you love doing it, talking about, texting about it so why not turn your passion into bucks and start a sex blog which you can monetise?

Create a following and then sell lucrative advertising and make even more money from affiliate sales. There are lots and lots of people doing this but there is always room in the market for something fresh and different. Here are some considerations you might want to have a think about before taking the plunge into the world of sex blogging, some are personal and some are just tech but all are relevant.

How anonymous do you want to be?

You can split this decision down into parts, it’s certainly not just all about your name. Remember, once the information is out there in digital land, it cannot be retracted or withdrawn, it is there forever.


it’s a personal decision as to whether you use your real name or not. It can be easy to identify people online using a mixture of information taken from location, IP address, birthday and even clues from images. So it may be your intention not to be identified but it doesn’t always follow that your identity will remain private. A lot might depend on your view about any partner or other family members and if you have children or not


this is probably the most crucial element to keep under wraps. If you need to engage with people in terms of products being sent to you then use a PO address


totally a matter of personal preference. Some people who are happy about their identity being in the public domain will show their face in pictures, others won’t. Some will show explicit images, others will use implied nude images and charge for something more explicit, it is totally down to you what you post

Blog Posts

once you get chatting, it’s easy to let things slip when you are posting and you relax your guard, you would be surprised at how easy it is to pick up data about people from their posts

The upside to transparency – showing your face and revealing your name – is that it makes the blog very genuine and authentic. If you can’t see who is really behind it, that blog could be written by several different people with images that have just been purchased from library stock. What can make a sex blog successful is the reality of the person behind the text and pictures.

Not only will this attract readers but you may find on the back of that, you are courted by companies who sell products for the sex industry, toys being a player in this market. Commercial organisations will offer incentives and products to bloggers who are creating a good, genuine following. It’s a really important point to consider before you buy your domain name and hosting package and launch yourself online. Try and think about the end game for your blog and where you see yourself ending up. Are you trying to become the next internet sensation or are you happy keeping your blog low key and friendly with no great ambitions for world domination (or any domination)?

Choose your platform

This might not seem at all important at the start but if your blog takes off, then the wrong choice of platform can severely limit your options later on. WordPress is one of the most popular choices but there are others like Drupal, Blogger and Joomla. Not all blogs can be monetised so if you do get a following and become well-known, make sure you have done your homework first.

Will you be able to add code to your blog text so that you can receive affiliate sales commission whenever someone clicks through to make a purchase? Can companies advertise on your blog? It can be difficult sometimes to migrate a blog from one platform to another and if you have to change identity details to do this then you can lose followers.

Top Tip – try and find out whether your blog platform will create an ‘adult content’ warning on the front page. Readers will typically have to click a button to state they are over 18 and accept that there may be explicit content. This can be enough to put people off and it can also dip your blog under the radar when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Choose your blog name

This depends on whether or not you are being upfront about your identity if not, you will need to create a catchy title. Take a look at other bloggers for some inspiration then you just need to buy your name and hosting and away you go.

Blog images

Some industry experts say that images are more important than words; pictures are certainly a unique voice so think carefully not just about the content of the pictures but how you want them to be presented. You might go for a look or genre – black and white, implied nudity which uses the power of suggestion rather than anything explicit, cartoony or full-on explicit. You might want to supplement professional photographs with your own shots and maybe some library images too.

Reviewing sex toys and other products

Well, its a hard life but someone’s got to do it! This is a popular call out to sex bloggers who are in a great position (and we use this word advisedly) to trial products and blog about them online. It’s a great source of income for a successful blogger and sex toy manufacturers really rely on users to substantiate their claims about a product and give it both authenticity and commercial traction. If you have a brand identity and a logo (you might work on to this) then you will be even more attractive as a possible sales outlet. Most people take time to develop their unique voice and brand, it blossoms as the blog grows but if you want a logo from the get-go, then do some online research to see what other sex bloggers are choosing and which styles are trending.

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