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Sex In The Time Of COVID.

The world of sex has stayed pretty much the same throughout the whole history of time. We know that Pompeii was a heaving mass of orgies and general sexual indulgence before it was covered in ash, the early Romans practically invented the condom, then as we move through the centuries we have more sex, more pleasure orientated activities 

It’s the underpinning of life, basically. Man depends on procreation to survive as a race – enter the hormonal instincts that make us horny as fuck. We know we have to procreate, but the vast majority of people do it because it feels good. As Americans we have traversed national and moral boundaries in the pursuit of sex, it’s the thick seam that knits the centuries together on an even keel. We can’t claim that fashion or medicine has stayed the same for eons, but sex has. We know that the Pompeii that we mentioned before was a hotbed of pure, uncomplicated carnal activities between one and all, we might struggle to find such a city in America today. Although maybe in a small, redneck backwater.

Anyway, what has this got to do with today, you might be wondering. Well, we find ourselves in a very permissive age but we are trapped in a pandemic that has sent sexual frustration to stratospheric levels. We literally cannot continue as we were (not yet, anyway), we’ve had to wave a sad goodbye to swinging, group sex, stranger sex, basically anything that involves other people. Multiple experiences are pretty much out of the question right now for most of us, which might leave our Friday nights hanging by a thread. You know the old routine, get home from work, crack open the wine, stick the music on, make the call and prepare to indulge your body in all things lustful. You may as well forget the pampering bit, oh and the making the call bit too. Unless you’re lucky enough to have your partner available to you, turning to self-pleasure aided by the internet is the BIG thing at the moment. Virtual sexual experiences have always been out there, ever since the internet became a ‘thing’. Then Google came along and the whole thing was revolutionised! Suddenly you could search for a single word and it brings up a whole load of options. ‘Anal sex’, for example. Type that in and you’ll be ambushed by a load of websites offering videos on that very thing. Same applies to ‘oral sex’, etc. But I get the sneaking feeling that preaching to the converted could be mentioned here!

In terms of buying your sexual accoutrements, the internet is IT. Sex shops have closed down, and yes, people do still buy stuff in person, mainly out of impatience, to avoid packages arriving at their home address (or, God forbid, their work one) and others just have a ‘try before you buy’ mentality. Not literally, but holding sex toys and seeing their size and shape for yourself is what some people are after. The only problem with this of course – and it’s a biggie – is that you don’t get a decent range of products. Like, you’ll be able to pick from two or three vibrators, which is absolutely nothing compared to what’s out there. Naughty Stash can easily send you down a rabbit hole of exploration to find something to satiate your natural instincts. Curiosity might be what killed the cat, but curiosity is also what can push your sex life to the next level. Or the one above that, or the one above that……you get the whole pulsating, exciting picture. To find a real extensive collection of vibrators, butt plugs, lubes, ropes, handcuffs and all manner of restraining devices, you only have to flick through Naughty Stash to find your heart’s desire.


Understandably, people are running scared of this virus, but at the same time looking to run their lives as normally as possible around it. So let’s take the time to explore the Covid-friendly sexual options. What’s come to the forefront of sexual satisfaction (and maybe even deviancy) in these times? What is there that can really rock your world right now? The answer is a simple one – essentially anything that can be done effectively online, would be the first place to start. Virtual sex has been a reality for years, but now people are really relying on it (like, realllly relying on it). For some it’s their only sexual outlet, now that stepping outside of your house has become somewhat of a luxury for some. It stands to reason that virtual kinky play has exploded (literally) onto the sex scene and it stands to reason, right? If finding actual physical sexual interaction yourself has become an impossible task, then bring the sex into your house by means of a screen, and what a plethora of options that are here waiting for you! These days, sexual sophistication is the name of the game. But firstly, let’s take a look at the American people’s top ten favourite sexual kinks, in order and find out which ones are listed to the right:

  1. Virtual sex.
  2. Sub/Dom scenarios.
  3. Orgasm control.
  4. Anal play.
  5. Age play.
  6. Foot fetish.
  7. Role play.
  8. Golden showers.

So, here’s an idea: instead of watching porn on a small screen, aka your smartphone/tablet/laptop, whatever you use, why not take the next step and put it on the big screen? Why might you want to do that? Think about it this way – if you’re watching something that’s going to get you off then you’re drinking in every detail of what’s going on. The people, their bodies, long swishing hair, tight, muscled chest, strong legs, dainty feet, orgasm denial – whatever gets you going, it’ll be amplified on the big screen. Every moan, every gasp, every beg, it’s going to be bigger and better and all for your pleasure.

Most of us don’t have an actual cinema set up ready and waiting, but there’s likely to be a TV you can use and you have two options here: streaming and watching pre-downloaded stuff and there’s pluses and minuses to both. Streaming will give you access to the largest amount of utterly arousing, exotically sexy material you could ever want, search your keyword(s) and you’re good to go. You can shift your desires around day to day, if limited sex is getting to you, then you might find yourself wanting to explore certain things in a bit more depth for the first time. Or maybe you’re bored with the usual stuff and you’re looking for a new way entirely to get your rocks off. If so – live streaming is your friend! Probably the only one you’re allowed to mix with.

The second option of downloading and then playing the sex stuff is a safe one with most people because you know what turns you on, you know what you want to watch and it’s all there ready and waiting for you. You can even pre-select the material in advance of indulging in it. Perhaps it will keep a smile on your face all day if you know you’re going to get to see a horny slut tied up and teased later on. Obviously this relies a little bit on prepping the show, but that’s just something that takes a bit of practise…..and you’ll probably find the time for that.

  1. Virtual sex – for the purposes of this we’re going to assume that all sexual interaction is going to be virtual, as in via the internet. Or over the phone, or maybe through steamy snail mail letters, who knows? Everyone has a different kink.
  2. Sub/Dom. Hmm. This comes heavily under the umbrella term ‘role play’. But can it be done from afar? The answer is yes! If you are still desperate to indulge yourself in the sub/dom sphere, then doing things like instructing your partner to wear something specific all day, could be a pair of tights, could be a dog collar, whatever floats your boat. But the knowledge they’re wearing it is enough to turn the pleasure up a few notches without even meeting in person. In these days of smartphones and everything on video, it’s perfectly easy to show your partner that you’re ‘doing as you’re told’. Yeah, that’s a huge fetish right there. SUB/DOM: 1. COVID: 0.

3. Orgasm control. Yep, you can do this from afar too. It won’t be the same as in person where you can tease, lick, suck, fuck and still not allow them to cum, but you can still issue your instructions and watch them being carried out virtually. Sex toys are probably going to be in great demand for this sort of stuff, so stock up! It’s perfectly easy these days to choose what you want through a mere click of the right buttons and have them delivered to your doorstep. You could even have that as an element of your play: you permit your sexual partner to use whatever toys they want – but only on the condition that they Do. Not. Orgasm.

4. Bondage. Hmm. This one doesn’t look like it’s going to be a runner in this particular competition. It really needs to be a person on person activity. There’s no fun to be had in watching someone else tie themselves up, that defeats the point entirely when the turn on lies with the fact that the person is completely helpless and under someone else’s control. Bondage has a range from the milder end of the scale where you might be experimenting with fluffy handcuffs, or doing the full-on, hog-tied thing with a ball gag. Sadly, if COVID is in town the closest you can get to this is a) specialist porn, or b) spending a happy few hours planning what you want to do to your willing partner once the earth is spinning on the right axis again.

5. Anal play. This one is a bit of a halfway house, yes it’s something that you can do at home as a private experiment or just for personal pleasure, but if it’s something you want to explore a bit further with your partner then sure, you can video call or whatever so you have a spectator, but it isn’t the same at all. Put this one back on the shelf for the meantime.

6. Age play. It’s a Yay to this one. This falls into a niche category and clearly there are certain parameters that absolutely cannot be crossed, but it doesn’t require physical contact, it’s all about the mind game. You can pretend to be an old man just as easily over the internet as you can in person. It might even be better because lots of people meet online and you could pretend that’s where it all started……Who knows, it’s just an idea but Covid definitely does not have this one in hand at all.

7. Foot fetish. Again, this is one you can do, or not do, in person. Some might find just watching the person playing with their feet or following specific demands enough to cum, but some might depend on the physical aspect and need to kiss, touch, lick, fondle toes, etc. to get the true pleasure pumping through their veins. Clearly you only have one option for the moment so you might as well enjoy it!

8. Role play. For the answer to this, see numbers 2 and 3. That’s it and all about it, really.

9. Voyeurism. Now this is a kink that comes into its own when it can only be done virtually. The very definition of this term is spying on other people without their knowledge and the internet can offer plenty of that these days. Especially with so many cameras and recording devices around, there’s a huge amount of material to be had. If voyeurism for you means watching in person on the nudist beach then that’s probably out of the window, but there are lots of other options you can indulge in virtually.

10. Golden showers. Not going to lie, having this in the top ten sexual kinks that Americans enjoy is a bit of a surprise, it’s more mainstream (no pun intended) than it used to be. Again, the majority of pleasure usually comes from indulging in this with another person/people, but that’s not to say that it can’t be enjoyed in videos you get sent, or via video call if you need the real time element.

COVID may be at the forefront of people’s minds right now and sex possibly further back, but it’s good to know that in times of sexual need there are things you can do that will scratch that itch for you.

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