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So you’re a newbie to sex toys – what are the best buys?

Quarantine and lockdown are sending everyone online and internet sites are making the most of increased trade as people stuck at home all over the world wonder what to do with all this unexpected free time. Needless to say, some businesses are booming and people are venturing into markets they wouldn’t otherwise have thought of just to find something interesting to do.

Worldwide sales of sex toys have exploded exponentially due to lockdown after Pornhub, a video streaming and pornography website, gave premium access to people in quarantine in Northern Italy – in the last 24 hours, it has since gone to free access worldwide to help people beat the isolation blues and encourage them to stay at home and not venture out. The keynote sex toy brand, Womanizer, has revealed very healthy sales for the first quarter of 2020, all in areas which have been affected most severely by the Coronavirus. In Italy, sex toy purchases are up by 60% above their forecasted level and in France, this figure is 40%. In America, sales growth is up by a whopping 75%.

So what type of toys are up and trending? Well, solo toys are proving very popular for those who are in total isolation unsurprisingly. And toys that allow couples to connect remotely so vibrators which can be controlled via an app by someone in a different location give a whole new dimension to sexual pleasure whilst people are in quarantine.

What are the other trends in the sex industry in these unprecedented times?

Adapt and survive are the watchwords both for commercial organisations and individual people many of whom are experiencing restrictions on their freedom that they have never before experienced. For some businesses and organisations, the Coronavirus will mean boomtime so online shopping platforms have seen huge traffic from those locked down at home – this might sound the final death knell for the high street.

Porn sites were not slow to jump on the Coronavirus bandwagon and there have been postings of films on video sites of people having sex in hazmat suits. ‘Hazmat’ stands for, ‘Hazardous Materials’ and this could form just another uniform option for those that like to dress up. Never one to miss the chance of a good story, the porn industry has been circulating film clips with titles like, “Deserted Wuhan” and “TSA Agent Detains Woman Suspected of Coronavirus”. The setting is usually hospital-based and the actors are either wearing Hazmat Suits or some other form of PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

The thinking is rather along the lines of people who are scared of the dark watching horror movies – we all like a little bit of danger and frisson in our lives and Coronavirus has brought fear and mystery to many in the world. The makers of these films have maintained that there is a level of education and information included on how to stay safe although that is a little tongue in cheek perhaps. Whatever floats your boat – there is a market for everything.
So, if you have plenty of time on your hands and fancy doing some exploration, what could be the best sex toy buys online at the moment?

A Starter Kit

Why not begin with a varied selection in a starter kit which will have enough to keep you interested and allow you to experiment? There is nothing worse than researching online and finally clicking ‘add to basket’ on a carefully thought out sex toy only to find it a crushing disappointment when it arrives. Nothing is more guaranteed to put you off experimenting in the bedroom than this. Most starter kits contain a mixture of vibrators, cock rings, jiggle balls and anal beads – think of it like a box of chocolates, something for everyone. Many of these can also be used for solo play so if you are shy or feel awkward then you practice on your own.

Why not try some gentle bondage?

This is actually quite tricky if you don’t have a headboard on your bed or something you can tie restraints to. Now, there is a unique under mattress system which you can literally pop under the mattress, it’s so easy and simple to use. It is a full restraint system with adjustable straps but no permanent fittings. It’s a great way for both of you to start to explore the pleasure that is dominance and control without having to take a trip to the hardware shop.

Love Eggs

So-called because of their shape, these sit just inside the vagina. They come complete with a remote device so your partner can take control even up to 8 metres away, perfect for social distancing! These eggs are usually made of silicone so cannot be used with silicone or oil-based lubes – always use water-based. Most come with different vibration rhythms and a variety of speeds and with someone else in charge of the remote, you will never know what is coming next, literally.

Vibrating suspender thong

A combination of beautiful and sexy lingerie with discreet vibrations. Now there is no need to shed that sexy underwear which many people find a real turn on in order to play with sex toys. This is a lovely subtle way to introduce sex toys into a relationship for your female partner. Wireless control offers a range of usually 3-5 metres so you can use this when out and about. It’s a novel way to introduce sex toys for the shy or uninitiated.

Anal Starter Kit

For those who enjoy anal play and want to delve a little more deeply into this slightly unforbidden area, an anal play kit is a great place to start and there are loads available designed specifically for beginners. These usually contain anal beads, butt plugs, tapers and probes. A well put together kit will contain a variety of toys to induce pleasure whatever your particular preference. They are for solo as well as duo play.

Many businesses are making the most of the Coronavirus, perhaps you should take a leaf out of their book and put all this sudden downtime to good use.

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