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Getting Stuffed – how to keep your sexual self sane when pregnancy is involved.

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Sex is amazing. Period. It’s something almost everyone indulges in the minute they get the chance, our hormones drive us to the opposite sex as soon as they begin springing about our body. And then we have the delight of discovering the new and different secrets of pleasure (specifically our own) and experimenting.

Needless to say that you’re in the best place with Naughty Stash to be doing that exploring, there are things out there that you might never have heard of and might make you scream even more loudly as you cum. Seriously. You get the point, sex is something which is all-important in most people’s lives. So what happens then when it begins to have a different reason?

If you’re planning a baby then the first thing that springs to mind is sex, right? It’s doing the necessary that will get you pregnant so time to plan! If this is your first then you have the luxury of time and space, you can indulge in a spot of sleepy sex before work, a quickie during work if that’s possible, or just wait until the evening to get on it and really make some effort to get that sperm to the all-important egg. The point is that here, sex slips seamlessly into your everyday life, it’s a must at this point but hopefully you’re not doing it just because you have to, it should be enjoyable as well.

Though you’re trying to conceive a child, pre-pregnancy sex doesn’t have to be a chaste affair, you can throw those sex toys into the bedroom and get going with a dildo for double penetration, or be handcuffed and blindfolded, bound and gagged….your options are plentiful. Don’t hold back on the pleasure element, because that way danger lies – you don’t want to end up having sex purely to conceive, or have formulaic sex that neither of you are particularly keen on. The latest research shows that having sex every day isn’t necessarily the best way to get the embryo burrowing in securely, so you do have time to plan the things that are going to turn each other on. Have a discussion about it in advance, this is one period where your sex life is going to be under scrutiny from both of you so throw everything at it and get down and dirty as much as you want.

If you have children then you probably have less time and space, but on the flip side you’re probably adept at finding the time to fuck each other, however quickly and quietly that might have to be. If the proximity of little ears is a problem, then use a gag to stop those cries of pleasure. Doesn’t have to be a full on ball gag, just shoving something into your mouth will do the trick – hopefully – but maybe his cock isn’t the best idea at this point. Cock sucking is a fantastic pastime to indulge in, but not when you need those sperm somewhere quite different. Although it could feature as a warm up act, just don’t let it get too far.


Once you’ve got the conception covered, now it’s time for sex during pregnancy. You probably don’t associate pregnancy with sex, there’s the foetus to think about and all, lots of people (men in particular) are scared of ‘harming’ it during sex, thinking rather misguidedly that vigorous sex will result in the head of the penis bashing into the baby. News, folks: NEVER going to happen. Unless you’re having sex literally as the baby is moving down the birth canal, but that’s a different discussion altogether. The foetus is wrapped up and warm in there with the vagina and the cervix to get through before you even enter baby territory and then you have the placenta and amniotic sac in the way – you get the idea.

Basically, you don’t need to think about anything other than having great sex. Which is entirely probable because what a lot of people don’t know is that around the fourth month of pregnancy the female hormones start screaming out for sex and there’s a huge surge in libido. Your body will be drenched in signals from all areas that sex needs to happen, no question, lots of it and right NOW. If you don’t have your partner ready and raring to go because he’s at work or doing something similarly selfish, then masturbation is your friend. Take to your bed, grab your favourite sex toys and switch the porn on if that’s what floats your boat.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping yourself entertained whilst you wait for the real thing and you have plenty of options for doing just that. If you’re nervous about vibrators and things that penetrate then how about a clit cuddler? It sounds beautifully sweet but it’s actually wickedly pleasurable and will leave your body desperate for more.

How shall I position myself?

Positions are the one thing that you might have to direct some of your sexual thoughts towards, depending on where you are in your pregnancy. Unfortunately, the ways you liked to use before don’t necessarily translate well to a pregnancy bump. But, hang on – is that a bad thing? No! Experimentation here we come! Think about these months as a chance to experiment and particularly with positions. There might be some that you haven’t given the time of day to before that are just perfect now, and there’s only one way to find out – let’s have a run through the best ways that you can position yourself to get the maximum pleasure and you can take it from there.

  • Woman On Top: This is a really good one for the first few months because it really helps with hitting the right spots inside, or the G-spot to be precise and that’s not to be sniffed at. If you haven’t familiarised yourself with this insanely fabulous area before then now is the time to do it! Seriously. You don’t want to miss out on this. Plus you can guide your partner towards G-spot education himself so it’s something that you can take away with you from pregnancy. A bonus if ever there was one.
  • Spooning: Great idea if you’re a fan of easy clitoral stimulation – either by yourself or your partner – and it’s super easy if you’re just chilling in bed, or waking up, it takes no effort at all to get your partner cosied around you and take it from there.
  • Reverse Cowgirl: This has the same benefits as spooning, plus you’re in control. As you’re being a cowgirl – you crack that whip!
  • Standing: This one is great for a quickie if you’re desperate and you can be bent over anywhere as long as you have something solid to hold onto, preferably a wall. It works well in the later months too so there’s a solid, reliable position for you.
  • Sensual sex: Technically you can have sensual sex almost anywhere, but one of the very best places is in the bath as you’re so close to each other and you can focus on every bit of your bodies being available. The water will cushion the weight of your bump too as an added bonus.
  • Seated sex: What you have to remember with this one (when you’re selecting your position/s) is that it has incredibly easy access for toys, fingers and mouths so your partner can really pull out all of the stops so you experience maximum pleasure. Also ideal for trying out new sex toys……
  • Sex from behind: This is always a good option because the bump doesn’t need to get in the way, whether you’re in the bedroom/shower/downstairs/woods, wherever you get your kicks.
  • Oral sex: This is usually one of the more reliable ways to orgasm and it only involves one part of your body being touched, if you’re not feeling like more.
  • Anal sex: Yep, we’re going to drop this one in here too. There are limited occasions when you’ll hear pregnancy and anal sex in the same sentence, but you’d be surprised how well they go together. There a few positions you can do this in so it’s easy to find one that suits you. However – this is something which needs a ‘try before you buy’ approach, get used to it early so you can figure out whether or not it’s going to be a go-er for pregnancy sex.

If things are just too uncomfortable for full-on sex, then find something else that feels good. Oral sex, breast stimulation, a manual hands-on event if that’s your bag. And don’t forget, use plenty of lube if you need to.


Contrary to popular opinion, this does in fact exist! It’s a little known fact that straight after giving birth is when the body is at its most fertile and the chance of conception are highest. See? Your body is giving super-clear signals that it’s ready to get down to business once again.

But obviously sex might have to take a backseat for a while. No details needed, but the female body doesn’t come through either a normal delivery or a c-section unscathed, so you have to build in some recovery time. However, this is also a precious chance to plan. Think about what you want, how you want it and what added extras you might need. You don’t need to go wild (unless you want to, in which case Naughty Stash is very much your best friend), you can prepare for a purely romantic re-connection with soft lighting and wine, or if you’ve missed being whipped and spanked or your sub/dom situation, then go with that too. By the time you’ve spent hours thinking and dreaming about what could be, you will be well and truly in the mood and your partner will be delighted

Best ways to get back into the saddle?

#1. Anal sex is a winner if you want to get back to your bedroom antics sooner rather than later. Blissfully untouched by the hand of childbirth, your arse is pretty much waiting to be fucked.

#2. Invest in some decent lube. Slippery = easier here.

#3. Spend some solo time checking out the sensations down there. Using a vibrator, for example, could be key in working out whether you’re ready or not. But you don’t have to try just the once, obviously, you need to be certain that you’re ready, after all……

#4. Pick a position. Missionary? Nope, too much potential for pain, no-one wants their battered and bruised lower half being put under a ton of pressure. On top? Yes, this could work, it gives you the added advantage of being in charge so you can choose the rhythm, the speed and how you want to be fucked. Spooning? Yeah, maybe. The only problem with this one is that sometimes the right angle can be tricky to find and if this is your ‘first time’ then a simpler position where his cock can slide in easily might be better. From behind? Definitely. This keeps your post-pregnancy body away from the action, whilst you get all the pleasure. Try it in bed or maybe in the shower, the warm water running over your bodies could be another erotic element, and it allows you to play with your clit at the same time – winner!

Basically, the point being made here is that you don’t have to wave goodbye to sexual pleasure once the sperm has reached the egg. You can expand your getting-to-orgasm world even further and experiment with different ways (and toys) of pleasuring yourself. Remember – sex is sacred so take that theme and run with it!

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