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Could a sex drought be good for you?

For some people, the increasing period of lockdown is a chance to refine their sex life.  Stuck at home with no real work and without the usual distractions and disruptions of daily life, lots of couples are making hay whilst the sun shines.  Sales of condoms have doubled and also, online sex toy stores are reporting record business.  But what if you are single?  Or in a relationship and separated by distance and/or quarantine?  Abstinence can have some advantages and here are some of them to console yourself with.

Sort out your sexual health

Particularly in young people, so those in the 16-24 age group, there has been a real spike in the incidence of STDs.  Fortunately, there is a huge trade in ‘at home’ STI testing kits so the lockdown shouldn’t make an impact on your ability to get checked out

For around £100 or a little more, you can get yourself checked out for the main offenders:-

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Hepatitis B
  • HIV
  • Syphilis

Your testing kit will be despatched discretely to your home and you simply follow the instructions and return it in the packaging provided and with a pre-paid label.  Results are usually available within 2-5 days of the test date.  It’s a great way to have peace of mind as some of the listed STIs don’t always have any symptoms so you can’t rely on that to ascertain whether you are infected or not.  Take a test and put your mind at rest.  This is the time to do it.

Forget worrying about unwanted pregnancies

For some women, this is an enormous relief, at the end of the day, if you’re not having it then you can’t make a baby.  If you are taking a contraceptive pill then this could be the time to give your body a break.

Stock up on your condom supply

Be ready for when the famine ends, you never know when that might be although lockdown will definitely have something to do with it.  There is anticipated to be a global shortage of condoms, not just because condom sales have been doubling with everyone at home but because the world’s biggest condom manufacturers – China and India – have slowed production right down to their own lockdown restrictions and sooner or later, this reduction in supply, will be filtering through to UK customers.  Be prepared but if you have stockpiled condoms, remember not to use them if they are out of date or have not been correctly stored.

  • Please yourself – time to discover sex toys Everyone knows the benefit of sex – improved heart health, lower blood pressure, lots of lovely dopamine coursing through the body, stress relief…the list goes on.  But you don’t always need someone else there to get these benefits.  Now might be the time to discover sex toys or to expand your knowledge if you are already a user.  Sex toy sales are booming during the current lockdown worldwide and not all sales are to couples or people in relationships.  Enjoy yourself, reap some health benefits, improve your technique and maybe start experimenting with some new toys which you can use duo when you are next in a relationship.
  • Rediscover old friends…on Facetime Now is the time to re-connect and catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while.  Facetime them or go the whole hog and ring them up and chat on the phone – it’s a lost art.  Having lots of friends has been proven to be good for your health and that’s official.
    • Relax a little on the self-grooming ‘Sans sex’ can be a chance to relax a little with pre-sex preparation, to be honest, it can be something of a relief, not to have to bother.  Pubic hair is there for a reason – to protect that delicate skin and guard against infections, not something everyone thinks about as they get trigger happy with the hot wax.  So, let your body do what comes naturally.
    • Work out and get fit Buy yourself a piece of gym kit or an exercise class and start pounding away, in your trainers of course.  Set yourself a goal so that when quarantine is over, you will have the most bootylicious bod possible.  And anything that promotes your health is great at helping to repel viral disease.

    Sex is a spectrum

    Having a dry period or even a full-blown drought should remind you that you can actually live without sex and even when you are in a relationship, it doesn’t have to be defined by sex.  There is no right or wrong number when it comes to how much sex you should be having so take advantage of this fallow time to redefine your priorities when it comes to sex.  Have you put sex before the relationship in the past?  Have you felt insecure if there wasn’t enough sex?  Abstaining from sexual activity and not having the pressure and demands of a relationship can provide you with an opportunity to reflect about what sex means to you and whether, in the past, your views and opinions have been healthy or just a little skewed.

    And if you really can’t cope with sexual drought then hop online and join some of the many dating sites who are reporting huge traffic.  At least you can have some virtual excitement and interest even if you can’t do anything physical about it.  Dating app owners know that interest spikes during the winter months because people are at home and don’t tend to go outside if the weather’s bad.  So its no coincidence that Corornavirus has brought a huge boost to online subscriber numbers.  People are dating via Skype so that’s one reason not to let yourself go completely, well at least the top half anyway.  Skype call, watch a film together online or indulge in a little game…we were thinking Pictionary or Scrabble.  It’s a great way to get know someone in a more old-fashioned way with sex very firmly off the agenda.

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