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Best Sex Toys in Lockdown

Best sex toys in lockdown

Here’s the most popular.

A pandemic won’t stop us. ❤️

It’s perhaps not surprising that the sales of online sex toys have boomed in this current global pandemic.  Clubs and pubs are shut, it is illegal to see anyone outside your household, Tinder dates included, one night stands are impossible so people are turning their attention to online titillation and other ways to find amusement.

Naughty Stash’s sales of Lelo sex toys went up by an astonishing 45% and are most popular as well as an astonishing 68% in our condoms sales – so you guys are being naughty and we love it.

Established couples are certainly upping the bedroom activity – well, there are only so many boxsets you can watch.  The thing is, sex makes you feel good, it makes you feel safe and secure and the sexual act releases dopamine in the body which creates feelings of happiness, pleasure and fulfilment.  So, better than chocolate and healthier too.  Having sex increases the desire to have sex so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, literally and physically.  Sex is good for you.

Sex toy sales have jumped during the Coronavirus pandemic because people are looking for ways to enhance the bedroom experience and those without someone to cuddle are trying to find ways to alleviate the frustration.  Read our Guide to the best sex toys whether you are a newbie or an experienced punter but don’t delay, sales are skyrocketing and you wouldn’t want to miss out.

  • The Happy Rabbit from Lovehoney – a rabbit vibrator with a g-spot curve, this toy stimulates the clitoris and g-spot at the same time and is fully rechargeable
  • Desire luxury rechargeable g-spot vibrator – for those who have yet to find their g-spot, this vibrator has a beautiful soft curve to it to really target those vibrations. Relax, it is fully rechargeable
  • Screamin demon extra quiet clitoral vibrator – squashed into a small house with housemates or mum and dad, then this is the one for you. It’s whisper-quiet and let’s just say a really interesting and unusual shape.  Many people swear that their orgasms are much better and more satisfying than those from a traditional bullet-shaped vibrator.  This vibrates against the whole area so don’t be put off by what it looks like
  • Tracy’s Dog this the next generation waterproof oral sex and g-spot vibrator, what doesn’t it do? This vibrator stimulates the effect of oral sex and takes vibrators to the next level
  • Rocks Off bamboo vibratorthis is a really good value and affordable bullet vibrator with 10 functions, speeds and patterns and a handy pointed tip for effortless and pin-point targeting
  • Doxy extra powerful massage wand vibrator – looks like a microphone but we recommend that you don’t whip this out for that family karaoke evening! This is one powerful piece of kit and yes, it does look a bit daunting but it just needs a little getting to know.  This vibrator plugs into the mains and the soft grey head which looks like a microphone is designed for all of the vulval area – the broad surface is what makes it so damn effective.  Low settings are gentle but you can build up.  The whole effect is completely different from a standard bullet vibrator so this is a great one to try if you fancy a change
  • Tenga egg lovers heart textured masturbator – what a great Easter gift but actually, the contents are for all year round as within this egg is a lush masturbator. Inside the egg is another soft egg, just pop in some water-based lube and away you go
  • Desire luxury rechargeable vibrating cock ring – a must-have for a penis and the deluxe version of some of those cheap offerings on the market. Just pop on the penis and switch on the vibrations.  You can line up the ridges to suit different parts of the anatomy so both parties can really enjoy and receive the full benefit
  • Womanizer premium smart silence clitoral stimulator a great simulator and stimulator of oral sex, the Womanizer clitoral suction toy offers great bang for your buck. It is small and quiet but don’t be fooled – satisfaction levels will be off the chart and it’s clever.  It uses waves to stimulate and simulate the intense pleasure of an orgasm, clever, huh

Using sex toys safely

  • Remember, many sex toys are made of silicone so are not suitable for use with silicone-based lubes as the lube can affect the surface of the toy which makes it harder to clean
  • If you have glass or metal sex toys then you can use either a water or a silicone-based lube depending on your preference
  • Avoid jelly type sex toys and cheap, garish products. The jelly used is toxic and not body-safe
  • Always clean your sex toys thoroughly after use even if you have a sole partner because of the possible transmission of bacteria and the risk of yeast infections or UTIs
  • If you have multiple partners, tricky but still possible in these current times within one household, then it is particularly important to keep the toys clean to avoid the risk of STIs
  • You can clean the toys using mild, soapy water or antibacterial soap – try to avoid anything that is chemical-heavy or over-fragranced as this can cause sensitivity or irritation – or one of the branded sex toy cleaners which many online stores sell

Sex toys are a great enhancement to sexual pleasure whether you are home alone, in quarantine or happily shacked up with your partner or partners.  Some people still deride them as an ‘I don’t need gadgets’ type attitude but you are missing a trick if you don’t try them.  Most people start with a vibrator and there are lots of options for beginners.  After that, the sky really is the limit.

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