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Best Sex toys for couples

Introducing sex toys into a relationship can be tricky particularly if the relationship is well-established or long-term. It’s so easy to inadvertently convey the impression that they just don’t do it for you anymore, that the sex toy is compensation for some sort of failure of prowess. So, if you want to broach the subject, then you need to do it tactfully. Here’s how.

  • Watch a movie or show where there are sex toys being used by a couple and see if you can sound out your partner’s reaction to them
  • Mention that you found a sex toy in your friend’s closet and introduce the subject via that means
  • Leave a page of sex toys on your laptop or tablet for your partner to discover.

More couples than ever are delving into the world of sex toys and the industry has responded accordingly. Never has there been such a range of options available for couples to choose from. Cock rings, dildos, vibrators, where do you begin?

Sex toys can sure stimulate a relationship and not just one that might be tired and jaded. Sex toys can take communication and intimacy onto the next level and create a closer connection or revitalise a partnership that needs a little help and stimulus. Good sex equals a good relationship.

For couples, introducing a sex toy requires good ongoing communication even when you have got over that initial hurdle of broaching the subject. Sex toys don’t work unless you are prepared to experiment and feedback on what you like and don’t like. It’s important that neither person feels sidelined and overlooked and that the sex toy becomes the dominant force. Take a look at some of the best-selling sex toys for couples.

Couple’s Vibrator

A top name is the We-Vibe Sync Purple designed for heterosexual couples, a great design which pleasures both people without getting in the way.Insert into the vagina to stimulate the G-spot and clitoris and the We-Vibe Sync Purple can be worn during penetrative sex to send vibrations to both of you.It has a remote control which can change vibration mode from up to 3 metres away and is 100% USB rechargeable, a point worth noting as batteries always seem to run out right at the wrong moment.Made in super body-safe silicone, it feels and looks like a luxury purchase.

Bodywand Massager

Beyond versatile, this wand vibrator is popular for good reason. Wand vibrators have endless uses – the only limit is your imagination. Try clitoral stimulation or rubbing the wand along the shaft of the penis, use it as a back massager, just get creative. The Bodywand is mains powered and has super powerful vibrations that will just run and run.

Cock Ring

The Amore Silicone Cock Ring is aptly named and will help your guy last longer and have a harder erection as well as simultaneously providing clitoral stimulation with powerful vibrations, what’s not to like? They are so easy to use and you can just forget about them and get on with the main event, no fiddling about or re-positioning. This cock ring is a budget-friendly option so ideal for the curious to try without committing too many bucks. Made of stretchy silicone, the Amore Silicone Cock ring will accommodate a variety of sizes.

Anal Toys

Take a look at the Amethyst Adventure 3 Piece Anal Toy Kit, ideal for beginners who have tried a little bit of anal play and want to take things to the next level. The beginner’s kit has three different toys allowing you to experiment with what works best for you. The material is firm but flexible and has really been designed with comfort in mind. Remember, anal toys should be kept in that location only and not swapped around as they can transmit bacteria. And don’t forget to use plenty of lube.

So, you have clicked on ‘add to basket’, what else might you need?

Most websites will encourage you to buy some lube at this point and sex toys undoubtedly work best with plenty of lubricant, in fact, it is essential for anal play. Lube will let the toys glide in and out and up and down without friction and avoid any risk of tiny tears or perforation, particularly in the butt lining.

Water-based lube does not go very far so you will need to buy more of it then if you were using silicone or an oil-based lube. These are great for toys made of glass or metal. So, what else do you need to consider before you click on ‘pay now’? Think about how you should keep your toys clean. Many websites will offer sale on special sex toy cleaning wipes, ideal if you are out and about but if you are at home then warm water and a mild soap will do just as well. It is important to clean your toys thoroughly after you have used them and store them properly – keep anal and vaginal toys separate. Lastly, the batteries if you need them and always buy spares.

Most lubes are divided into two types..

water-based and silicone-based. If you have a silicone sex toy then you can’t use silicone lube with it, sounds a bit counter-intuitive but one on one like that can damage the surface of the sex toy. So check out what your toy is made from (probably silicone) and buy the right lube to go with it. Don’t go cheap, pick a lube with good reviews otherwise it will really spoil your day. You want a lube that blends with natural lubrication so that neither of you feels a distinction.

If you are still at a loss as to which product to choose, why not read the reviews or blogs of the many sex toy consultants out there who really do try these products out and can help you determine which might be best for you. It’s important to feel comfortable with what you choose so, if you can, shop together and make your online browsing the foreplay to your sex toy adventure.

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