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Beginners Guide To Butt Plugs

Beginners guide to butt plugs

know your plugs.

Just starting out with Butt Plugs? Have no fear, Naughty Stash is here with our beginner’s guide.

If you have experienced the delight of anal play but are something of an anal virgin then it could be time to start to consider the brave new world of butt plugs and anal toys.

What are butt plugs?

A butt plug is a soft, silicone teardrop-shaped toy designed to fit into the anus and with a wide base so it can’t go beyond the point of no return.  It is inserted into the anus, slowly and is designed to enhance the pleasure of sexual play, normal penetrative sex and as an introduction or teaser for full anal sex.

picture of three butt plugs

What do butt plugs do?

For women, butt plugs increase sensation and enhance the pleasure of vaginal penetration, they can be used to effect double penetration (DP) or just for anal fun or anal sex.

For guys, the butt plug can offer some serious prostate massage and hit their G-spot.  This area is full of nerve endings and so a man can experience heightened stimulus and a prostate orgasm.

How to buy your first butt plug

The best place to start is with a butt plug trainer kit which will have a variety of different sizes, shapes and colours, usually three on average.  This will help you determine which size may be best for you which is always a challenge if you haven’t used a butt plug before and you can experiment with the different types.

How do you first use a butt plug

The key to successful and happy use of a butt plug is threefold – relaxation, arousal and lube, lots and lots of lube.  Most people feel more comfortable if they have been to the toilet beforehand; the use of the butt plug will make you feel like you want to go but you know you have just been so you won’t have to worry.

Unless you have a very experienced partner or are with someone you trust, start to practice with your new toy on your own.  Sometimes, this can feel less pressurised and tense and allow you to get used to the sensation in your own time and experiment with different positions.

Why is lube so important?

The back passage does not produce its own lubrication like the vagina and so you will need a lot of lube.  If you are not careful then you can end up causing friction and irritation and possibly even creating tiny tears in the sensitive lining of the anus.  You just can’t use enough lube.

Does a Butt Plug hurt?

Using a butt plug shouldn’t hurt in the ‘ouch’ sense of pain but you should feel a stretch, an invasion.  How much you want to feel is down to individual preference and practice; over time most people find they can accommodate more with experience but this is not a must.  If you feel a sharp pain, you should always stop. 

The reason why butt plug trainer kits contain three sizes usually is because people are not sure which size they want and also because as you become more skilled, you may want to try a bigger plug.  You will get used to a level of stimulation and stretch and you may find that you want more and this feeling is not enough.

Are there people for whom a butt plug is not suitable?

butt plug with feathered tail

If you suffer from haemorrhoids or have any pre-existing anal fissures then you may find a butt plug is not comfortable and causes irritation or even bleeding.  If you also have a prostate condition then you should seek medical advice from your healthcare professional first to make sure it is safe for you to use a butt plug.

Buying a butt plug

Always buy from a reputable source; inferior products which are cheaper may be made from or treated with materials which are harmful or toxic to your body.  Try and aim for silicone products.  Cheaper butt plugs can be made of more rigid plastics which are stiff and uncomfortable to use whereas silicone is flexible. There is an almost endless range of colours and styles to suit your preference.

If you use a trainer kit then you will get a choice of sizes and a clear idea of which size works for you and your partner before you buy solo. See our range of plugs here

The tricks to using a butt plug and anal sex

Apart from using loads of lube, you need to proceed slowly and carefully; this is not a time for thrusting.  There is no golden rule about how far in a butt plug should penetrate, it’s whatever feels good on the day, sometimes just teasing can be as good as penetration.

Anal sex and consent

Anal sex is an intimate act which requires mutual trust and care.  Anal sex or play is not a given with your partner in the same way that you would want any other decline for a particular sex act to be respected.  Just because you enjoy anal sex and play with a butt plug, doesn’t mean it is a given every time – you just might not feel like it today.

Other types of butt plug

Of course, there are vibrating butt plugs with loads of different settings, there are also some remote control versions which are good because you don’t have to fiddle around with control when you want your hands elsewhere.  You can also hand control over to your partner.

Safe practices

Always clean your butt plug and any other sex toys after use in a bowl of warm soapy water or using a sex toy cleaner.  STIs can be transmitted on sex toys and butt plugs in particular because of their destination, can harbour bacteria which can lead to a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis.

Three hot tips for beginners

  • Always start small
  • A butt plug can be nicer than a penis because you can vary the size
  • There is less pressure with a plug than with the real thing

Read more online, do your research also consider anal beads before you try butt plugs or for variation in the bedroom.

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