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Beginners Guide to Anal Beads

Beginners guide to anal beads

know your beads.

Just starting out with Anal Beads? Have no fear, Naughty Stash are here with our beginners guide.

If you are a bit of a newbie then you might be forgiven for thinking that anal beads are some kind of hippy decorative vibe and you would be so wrong.  Yes, these are beads on a cord but these little bulbs are designed to enhance sexual pleasure and titillate  – they are inserted into the anus – and are amongst the very popular anal toys!

Isn’t that dangerous, what if they get lost?

Anal beads are on a cord so they can’t disappear without a trace.  The idea is to give pleasure as part of anal play or training and they can be used ahead of full penetrative anal sex but not necessarily.

How do anal beads work?

The beads are on a cord to keep them secure and to facilitate removal: the sensation of removal is actually supposed to be the most stimulating point.  Beads can be all the same size or graduated in size, its just choice.

Using anal beads for the first time

First off, anything involving the anus needs loads of lube as there is nothing produced there naturally – this doesn’t matter whether it’s your first time using them or you are a veteran. Playing in the shower is a nice way to introduce them and if you are worried about not being clean, this kinda takes care of it.  Now for the science bit.  The best lubes are silicone-based and if you using water in the shower then you will need to use a silicone lube product.  If your anal beads are also silicone then you may want to use a condom over them as silicone beads on silicone lube is not a good idea.  Other options include glass or steel beads which mean you can ditch the condom.  These also allow for temperature variation which can be hugely exciting.

Anal Bead Hygiene

Remember, your hands or your partner’s hand when they have been around the butt will have bacteria on them so just take a moment to think about what you might be doing so you can avoid transferring infection.  This applies to your hands, the beads, the lube and the lube container.  Using an automatic lube dispenser gets round this issue or just put the lube you want to use in a disposable cup which you can throw away afterwards.  A little thought beforehand means you don’t have to keep interrupting what you are doing or face a visit to the clinic afterwards for medication for an infection.

If you are sharing anal beads with more than one person, unlikely if you are a beginner but you may work onto this, then don’t forget to use a condom.  The condom won’t change the sensation of the beads.  Make sure there is no silicone lube on it if you are already using a silicone lube yourself.

What’s the difference between anal beads and a butt plug?

Well, one thing is beads and the other are a plug.  Really, the beads are less invasive than a butt plug if you are a beginner (if you’re looking for plugs though, be sure to read our beginners guide to butt plugs).  But the sensation is totally different, it’s not just to do with the size as some butt plugs are very small.

Butt plugs are supposed to go in and stay there for however long whereas beads are designed to move and tickle your fancy!  The movement provides stimulation in a completely different way.  You can insert a line of beads which are graduated and this can end up having a similar sensation of fullness to a butt plug although the removal is quite different,  Most users will tell you that half of the fun with anal beads is taking them out.  The in and out movement is really like a massage for your back passage.

Different types of anal beads

Before you click ‘buy now’ on your first online order, here are some points to consider:-

  • Don’t do cheap – this is a bad policy for any sex toy but you want to be really careful about what goes on or inside your body.  Inferior products can be made of materials which are not safe maybe even toxic and definitely avoid cheap plastic beads on a thin string as these are almost bound to break
  • Cleaning and hygiene – buy something you can clean, cheap string beads are almost impossible to clean thoroughly and will end up becoming an agent for bacteria
  • Silicone is best- silicone is a body-safe product and really easy to clean, just mild soapy water or use a proprietary sex toy cleaner
  • Rigid anal beads – there are anal beads which are less flexible and designed to be more rigid made of stainless steel or glass, these are perhaps anal beads once you are beyond trainee stage.  You can alter the temperature of these to increase pleasure and stimulation
  • Start small – three or four graduated beads are usually plenty to start with if you are a newbie, there are some fairly impressive pieces of kit for sale but just remember where you are going to put it before you get carried away.  A graduated set of beads is a good idea too

Bead practice

If you have never used anal beads before, most sexperts suggest that you play with them on your own, to begin with, that way there’s no pressure.  This is a good rule for most sex toys.  When you know what you like and are comfortable using them then can you start playing with a partner.

Always use loads of lube, remember your butt = lube.  Apply lube yourself internally and also coat some onto the beads.  Everything you or your partner does should be slow, not just to maximise pleasure but for safety.  Friction and speed will cause irritation to the lining of the anus wall, possibly even tearing.

There are very strong muscles in the anus so deep breathing will help you control the natural urge to push out whatever has just gone in.  Breathe deeply from your diaphragm as this helps the pelvic floor muscles to relax.

Clean up time

Alcohol-free, fragrance-free baby wipes are great after a session with anal beads but also beforehand to ensure everything is clean and fragrant.  It helps obviously if you can have a bowel movement before you play.  Baby wipes are great for a quick clean up afterwards but nothing beats a good soak in the bath with Epsom Salts to gently cleanse and purify and it’s great for soothing sore muscles too.  There is loads more online information available if you think anal beads are something you might like to try.

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