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12 Reasons To Have More Sex

As if we need encouraging…..! Sex is one of life’s true loves for most people and finding the time to indulge in it as much as we can is simply one of our strongest instincts. After all,

if we didn’t then procreation would not take place and that would pretty much put the lid on human life. But we’ve come a long way from the prehistoric humans who stalked the earth working out what goes where and why that happens and that doesn’t……since then we’ve practised, experimented and guess what? It turns out that there’s a lot more than meets the eye about sex. We know that it’s good for us, we know that it promotes happiness, that it helps couples to bond – basically sex is a wonderful thing that makes you very, very happy. So how come there are an extra twelve reasons why you should be dragging your other half to the bedroom by his tie come Friday night? The only way to know is to find out, so read on and feast your eyes and brains on why we should be having even MORE sex…..(in no particular order).

1. It helps insomnia.

Yep, you read that right, sex helps you get to sleep. But hang on, doesn’t do the exact opposite of that? Isn’t sex supposed to keep you up at night?

Yes, it can, but it can also work exactly the other way. Simple exertion is a tranquilizer and when you orgasm the hormones prolactin and oxytocin are released and guess what? These put you to sleep as well. So that’s why you’ll find lots of couples agree that a steamy sex session leads to sounder sleep. A perfect night all round.

2. It’s a boost to your self-confidence.

The University of Texas did a very recent, useful survey which tells us that those who have regular sex have a more positive body image than those who don’t. Which makes sense, being wanted in a sexual sense is most definitely something which makes you feel good. Attractive. Sexy. And this carries over into your everyday life, when you’re walking down the street for instance, you have the confidence to walk proudly, totally in sync with your sexual self. You rock your outfits because you know you look good, you know that there is someone out there who wants you in the most intimate way possible.

3. Lower blood pressure.

There you go! Here we have an actual, physical, benefit. There is, of course, science behind the sex and in this instance it comes from researchers at Brigham Young Uni who found that more frequent sex leads to lower blood pressure. It really is as simple as that.

4. It creates more intimacy with your partner.

Well, tell us something we didn’t know, *dramatic eye roll*, of course it does. Well, actually, it is worth pointing out because sex can be a very wham-bam-thank you ma’am type affair, but for those who are in a committed relationship getting between the sheets regularly maintains the sense of intimacy that you both share.

5. The fun!

The sheer, unadulterated joy in having satisfying sex in whichever way you please. Role play, bondage, orgasm denial (contrary to how that sounds, it can be fun) – these are all ways of enjoying yourself in the bedroom, having fun in the bedroom. And there are plenty of methods of augmenting that fun as well. Introducing some new toys, for example, exploring the plethora of pleasure aids that are out there, whatever your preferences. Along the same lines you can also try out novelty condoms, those that you’ve specially designed for example, or straightforward glow-in-the-dark condoms so you can effectively turn a penis into an iridescent light sabre (should you wish to). And if you’re not comfortable with buying this stuff in person, well, that’s what Naughty Stash exists for. You can browse at your leisure, to your pleasure, with no-one looking at you as you wonder what on earth they’re thinking. Plus, you’re bound to come across some toys that you’ve never thought about before, both extreme or otherwise. Even if it’s just a straightforward vibrator of a type that you’ve never used, this directly translates to fun between the sheets. Why not make it a shared activity? Organise a time when your partner is available and flick through the stuff together. Who knows, you might even learn something about what gets them off that you didn’t know before! That alone is a reason to get stuck into Naughty Stash.

6. More sex equals a longer life span.

This might actually make an appearance in the top three reasons to have fabulous, makes-you-scream-like-crazy kind of sex. Doing it is actually going to help you live longer?? True fact. Australian research shows that people who climax more than three times a week are 50% less likely to die of a medical reason than people who only cum once a month (if there’s anyone out there who actually does that). And the longer the life span, the longer the length of time that you’ll be having sex, the longer the length of time that you can play and experiment to find new and exciting ways to make you orgasm, the longer the length of time you can nurture a close, loving relationship with your partner. You might be sick of the sight of them by the time you reach 90, but hey! Just think about how many times you’ll have sex on the way to getting there.

7. It promotes a youthful look.

Now we’re talking! It feels good AND it makes you physically look good?? This is one hell of a winning formula! But hang on a sec, where are the facts to back up this piece of oh so tempting information? Let us tell you. There’s a study from the very well respected Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland, UK, that discovered those who were enjoying lots of regular sex with a steady partner – by regular we mean four plus times a week, just to clarify – are perceived to be SEVEN – TWELVE years younger than their actual age. How did they find that out, you might be wondering. It was a very simple experiment, they had one way glass put into a room and invited some people to stand there and rate the attractiveness of the unsuspecting subjects on the other side. The result was a resounding one – regular sex takes years off you. And what magician-ship makes this even possible, never mind likely?? It comes down to hormones again, surprise, surprise. Sex releases hormones like estrogen and testosterone, both of which play a big part in keeping the body look young. It’s almost like preservation without the mummification element to get past. For the women: estrogen has the added benefit of giving shiny hair and softly glowing skin. For free. Clinique, eat your heart out.

8. It helps with those horrible period cramps.

Almost every woman of menstruating age has, at one time or other, suffered with painful cramps whilst their body is busy exsanguinating itself, and they’re not pleasant. In fact, there are drugs on the market that have been developed specifically to relieve these cramps and it’s very tempting to reach for the pill bottle each and every month – but what if there was a way to get rid of those cramps without relying on chemical compounds and not bankrolling major pharmaceutical companies? How good would that be? It’s not exactly a surprise by this point, but actually your body has this one worked out too. The muscles that cause menstrual cramps (otherwise known as period pains) are the same ones that contract during orgasm. What further proof do you need that your body needs sex?? It relies on sex, sex is the key to virtually anything. And when you’ve run out of legitimate reasons to have sex, then you can fall back on the fact that it makes you happier, healthier and – apparently – appear a decade younger. It’s definitely heels and stockings time.

9. It counts as exercise.

Who knew?! Getting active in bed is the same as getting active anywhere, really and it has the same calorie burning effect. It might seem like pure pleasure to you, but as you’re busy concentrating on reaching the big O, your body is busy burning off the calories. A truly hot and steamy session can actually burn up to 300 of those annoying calories. What better excuse to skip the gym and skip straight to sex? Just make sure that your FitBit is in place to record your efforts, it’s strangely gratifying to see the results of your activity in black and white, even if they have been sexually motivated. It all counts, right? And you can also improve your flexibility, sex can be a bit like yoga, but rather than downward-dogging your way through an hour’s class, concentrating on muscles that you didn’t know you even had, you can flip from one position to another….to another…..without even realising. In fact, you could have done the equivalent of a whole workout by the end, in the most pleasurable way you can imagine.

10. It’s a depression and anxiety fixer.

Sex takes you into a different zone, a different place, with different things to focus on and hopefully it keeps the worries at bay somewhat. By transporting your mind there it means that it’s busy. Too busy to be depressed, too busy to be anxious. And once the act is done you can bask in the hormonal afterglow that leaves you happier than you were before. (Disclaimer: depression and anxiety are real illnesses and you probably shouldn’t rely solely on sex as a treatment.)

11. It heightens the senses.

True story. Your senses of taste and smell become much more acute so there’s even more reason to get down and dirty with flavoured condoms. Or iridescent ones. And not only that, but if you’ve ever thought about bringing food into the equation, now could be the time to take the plunge. We aren’t talking about eating a three course meal off each other, it’s more about the sensual foods, the ice cream, melted chocolate, the dribbling honey. Foodstuffs that can be spread liberally, easily and quickly across your partner’s prone form – just begging to be licked and sucked off. Especially that last bit.

12. Reduced risk of prostate cancer.

One for the guys, here. But this is medically proven: the Journal of the American Medical Association details how the correlation between ejaculating and lower cancer rates are actually a thing. Basically, the more a man ejaculates, the lower his risk of developing prostate cancer, it’s a pretty simple equation. So not only is this the best news for men, it’s also pretty good for women. They get regular sex and also a sense of achievement, you know like when you’ve done something really selfless, an act of charity. Well, having sex with your partner is just like that! By fucking him you are actually potentially saving his life, so there’s every reason to feel that halo planting itself firmly on your head. You’ve earned it. And if the male involved isn’t aware of just how magnanimous you are being, then it’s time to show him. Illustrate the ways you love him, make him see your devotion.

So you see, there really are reasons to have sex beyond the obvious. They probably ALL apply to you, but you’ll probably find a few bonus reasons among this little lot. Just remember the key facts:

  • Sex makes you happier.
  • Sex makes you more attractive.
  • Sex makes you (look) younger.
  • Sex makes you healthier.
Bearing these in mind, what reasons could there possibly be for not having sex? Can you think of a single one? Nope, us neither.

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